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How Two Facebook Designers Are Turning Stuffy Interviews Into Intimate Chats

A site called Talk Turkey posts interviews as texts or instant messages. The effect is more profound than you might expect.

[App Photo: Paramount Pictures, Bernard D’Andrea ("The Conversation", 1974)]

There's a new site called Talk Turkey, developed by Gabriel Valdivia and Charlie Deets in their off-hours from designing products at Facebook. Talk Turkey is technically just a Wordpress template that skins interviews as texts complete with chat bubbles and read counts. But as any good interviewer knows, context is everything. And Talk Turkey actually leverages the casual UX of chatting to perform some very intimate interviews with people in Silicon Valley.

For a first-hand look, I talked to Valdivia using his own format (technically, we used Gchat—more on that later—and he plugged the talk in, unedited, to his site). Enjoy the interview embedded below, where it lives completely free from the clutches of Fast Company's tireless/merciless copy editors!

(P.S. Don’t click the back arrow on top of this embed, or you won’t get back to our talk!)

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