• 07.01.16

The Instagrams Of People Riding L.A.’s Skyslide Are Amazing

You rarely see this mix of joy and terror on the face of an adult.

The Instagrams Of People Riding L.A.’s Skyslide Are Amazing
[Additional Images for cover: @todonoticias, Gensler]

In March, we reported on a vertigo-inducing glass slide slated for the side of L.A.’s tallest skyscraper. Skyslide, created by the glassmakers M. Ludvik & Co, is now open to the public, and it turns out that pissing yourself while sliding out into the void is the new Instagram selfie sensation.


Some rode the Skyslide with friends

Some rode screaming

Some rode in business suits

Some rode (apparently) naked

Some rode with selfie sticks

And some rode while spontaneously evacuating their bladders


Here’s a GoPro-eye view of what it’s like to ride the Skyslide, which makes it look less scary than it probably is.

Why the blankets? Official word from the U.S. Bank Tower is that it’s to keep the bottom of the slide as clear as possible. Presumably because the earliest terrified beta testers were leaving long, brown streaks behind them.

[Additional images for cover: todonoticias]