• 07.08.16

This Tech Office Is A Museum To The Founder’s Vintage-Media Obsession

Braille Playboy, old Ebony magazines, and the world’s worst video game make up the decor at Scrollmotion’s Manhattan office.

Most people put up a few photos around their work space. Josh Koppel put up his whole life. “I have been hoarding — collecting since I was a little kid,” he says. “At some point I had this realization that the stuff I loved was so much more enjoyable on a wall rather than hidden away in a box.”


So Koppel covered the Manhattan office of Scrollmotion, the company he founded to develop apps for digital publishers, with an eclectic collection of media that could’ve been plucked from Josh Baskin’s loft: bacon-flavored floss, a braille Playboy, a newspaper announcing the first man on the moon, an Atari 2600 (complete with a copy of the world’s worst video game), and about 5,000 more artifacts.

Koppel sees the space as a series of “curated exhibitions,” offering employees “ideas and lessons that can help us learn from the ghosts of platforms past.” But like the ephemera that surrounds him, it too is a relic of a bygone era. At the end of the month, Scrollmotion will pack up and move several blocks north to an office that doesn’t have walls to accommodate Koppel’s vast collection. Fast Company staff photographer Celine Grouard captured the old office recently–before everything goes back in a box.

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