Wanted: A Simple Way To Make Your Open Plan Office Suck Less

Open offices are terrible. The acoustics are nerve-racking, they stress out workers, and they destroy any semblance of privacy. The good news, though, is that there are some great aftermarket solutions employers and employees with open office plans can use to make open offices suck less.One of the simplest? A pillowy, illuminated desk partition, new from Dutch brand De Vorm.

The AK2 Workspace Divider was designed for De Vorm by Ivan Kasner and Uli Budde, with the aim of fostering a sense of privacy by partially separating both sides of a work table. Hanging down from the ceiling by wires, the felt divider also contains an LED light bank, which equally illuminates either side of the table.

The material itself is made of old plastic bottles that have been recycled into a soft, durable felt-like material. It looks lovely in gray, but also comes in a gamut of other colors, including green, turquoise, beige, olive, marine, and brown. The sound-dampening foam inside the unit won’t be as good as noise-cancelling headphones, but should help keep your office phone calls a little more private.

De Vorm is no stranger to trying to improve the plight of open office workers. In a play to inter-brand synergy, the company recommends combining its hanging divider with an existing desk-based version to create an enclosed, felt-lined nook for each employee. Oh luxury! It’s just like a cubicle, only infinitely smaller!

Pricing is only available on a client-by-client basis by request).

[All Photos: via DeVorm]