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Ikea Just Released Its Weirdest Ad Yet

Where’s the furniture?

Ikea Just Released Its Weirdest Ad Yet

Ikea has just released a surreal little ad for its upcoming collaboration with the Danish design brand Hay. It’s what Philip K. Dick would see if he tried to Feng Shui his apartment.

The ad takes place in an immaculately unfurnished apartment, and gets trippy right away. Look at the size of that room, the gleaming unscuffed hardwood, the immaculate moulding and those cathedral-like ceilings! Surely, no one who buys furniture from Ikea could afford such an apartment, so you already know the whole ad takes place in the psychotropics-addled fever dream of an Ikea executive, even before plinths of marble melt like vanilla ice cream, and a bobbin of gray cotton weaves itself into an undulating gray rug in mid-air.

We don’t know much about Hay’s collection for Ikea, except that it’ll revise the iconic big blue Frakta bag for the first time ever. And the teaser doesn’t illuminate much further, although It’s Nice That reports that it’s meant to show off some of the materials used in the collection.

The ad was created by three separate creative agencies (Morten Kühl Christensen from Kühl & Solvstrom with Nikextension and Barkas) and serves as a strong statement that Ikea is trying to move past its sensible flat pack offerings, and experiment more to stay competitive.

Or maybe that’s just how you phonetically spell the stream of babble that comes out of your mouth when you take the same hallucinogens that Ikea’s team did to create this ad.

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