6 Ways To Make Your Indoor Plants Look Like Modern Art

Give your plants the beautiful vessels they deserve.

As science has shown, nature offers restorative effects on our brains and can be a visual break from our often harried and frenetic lives. The research behind houseplants and their health benefits is less robust, but studies have shown that some people are less anxious, more productive, and happier when they’re around indoor greenery.


And who can ignore how inherently beautiful these plants are? It’s only fitting that you display them appropriately.

MoMA Design Store has a handful of stylish options, ranging from an ash-wood freestanding greenhouse by Design House Stockholm to a minimal vase for a single bloom by Peter Hewitt. Designer Daniel Pouzet’s Ambienta lamp is actually a hydroponic planter, and for those who still can’t manage to keep even the hardiest botanicals alive, Hay’s got a trio of immortal ceramic cacti. Spy the selection in the slideshow above and find the products on MoMA Store’s shelves and at in September.

About the author

Diana Budds is a New York–based writer covering design and the built environment.