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Watch: The Four Seasons Auction Is Happening Now, And It's A Feeding Frenzy

The Four Season auction live stream is the design world's equivalent of the goat cam.

The auction of the Four Seasons restaurant, the most controversial sale of a modernist icon in recent memory, began at 10 a.m. today. And it is madness.

Results so far include $96,000 for a sign, a table that jumped from $500 to $28,000 in a minute, and a pair of bar stools that fetched $15,000.

Designed by legendary architects Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe, the Four Seasons has been a mainstay of Manhattan's elite dining scene since 1959. The owners of the landmarked restaurant sparked controversy earlier this year when they announced they'd be shuttering the space and auctioning off its custom-designed decor.

Watch the frenzied live auction above—which will continue well into the evening—to see rich design fiends drop thousands like they're drunk at a strip club. We'll update you on the top results.

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