Finally, An Honest Campaign Slogan

OK Hillary! KO Trump!

This election season has yet to generate a single, defining campaign image–but, then again, nothing about this campaign has taken a typical course. One theory? It’s harder to rally people behind symbology that is strong, direct, and hopeful when many voters’ attitudes toward their party’s candidate have been resignation and ambivalence.


That’s the case with graphic designer Ben Pieratt, a former Bernie Sanders supporter and recent Hillary convert. Last week, directly following the Democratic National Convention, Pieratt felt compelled to create a slogan for Democrats like him–those who aren’t completely thrilled with their choice of candidate but have decided to support her. The result:

Pieratt, who founded the now-defunct curated shopping site Svpply and currently runs its offshoot Very Goods, came up with “OK Hillary/KO Trump” after some workshopping. He originally thought of “Fine, Hillary” and variations on her official logo before landing on “OK, Hillary,” then dropping the comma after his friend and fellow designer Brian Jaramillo suggested the KO Trump (in boxing parlance, KO means “knock out”; it’s also dad-humor slang for “OK”). Three days after the Democratic National Convention, Pieratt put up the website, which is also where redirects you (anyone remember when Trump did that to Jeb Bush?). The website has “OK Hillary” pins and stickers available for purchase, as well as free downloads of the slogan.

Pieratt’s original ideas while drafting the slogan. [Image: Courtesy Ben Pieratt]

“OK Hillary” hasn’t caught on in a big way, but maybe it will. It’s only a little over a week old, and Pieratt is still adding merchandise to the site. Plus, it captures one of the prevailing moods of this election in a catchy way. (I thought it might also be subverting the #okhillary trend, which is generally used as a patronizing precursor to a Hillary put down, though Pieratt admits that hadn’t occurred to him.)

The best part: It conjures up images of Hillary Clinton in boxing gloves, taking out the candidate who might be just frightening enough to unite Democrats against a common enemy. “It does a nice job of tempering the sexism,” says Pieratt. “You don’t often see a KO-woman combination.”

Visit the OK Hillary website here.

[All Images: via OK Hillary]


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