• 08.12.16

A Gold Medal Time Lapse Of Rio De Janeiro

Didn’t buy a ticket to Rio? We’ve got you covered.

The world’s Olympians may be racing through pools of untreated sewage at Rio, but from 5,000 miles away, I only see sunset-fueled strolls on the sprawling Copacabana, with views of Sugarloaf Mountain contrasted against the city’s austere favelas.


For everything wrong in the city, Rio remains almost excessively beautiful, captured in this ultra high-resolution time lapse by photographer Joe Capra, highlighted on Core77. Capra used a PhaseOne IQ180 camera to shoot 10K video of the city, which is higher than Hollywood movies; the resolution is equivalent to almost a dozen high-definition cameras stacking their images for a single frame. That sharpness is beyond what Vimeo can stream or your monitor can display, but it allows Capra to zoom into nuances of Rio that sit half a city away–giving us all an unparalleled view from the cheap seats.

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