This Elegant Wheelchair Is A Better Way To Roll

The Go Wheelchair is meant to “look cool lined up at the club,” says its creator, and is more practical and comfortable than regular chairs.

This Elegant Wheelchair Is A Better Way To Roll
[Photos: Mitch Payne]

Unlike most wheelchairs, which look institutional and utilitarian, the Go is ultrastylish—a truly covetable accessory that’s meant, says designer Benjamin Hubert, to “look cool lined up at the club.” And it isn’t just eye candy. Though wheelchairs are used by more than 2.2 million Americans each day, they tend to be one-size-fits-most affairs that ignore how different people’s bodies can be, especially when disability is involved. The Go is custom-tailored to its owner’s shape, in part via a full body scan and 3D printing. The wheel rims are lined with hundreds of tiny silicone knobs, which, when paired with specially designed gloves that come with the chair, help minimize rotator-cuff injuries by improving grip and reducing arm fatigue.

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