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Innovation By Design

An App That Uses Data To Help Athletes Avoid Injuries

How Kinduct crunches numbers to help give pro sports teams an edge.

An App That Uses Data To Help Athletes Avoid Injuries

[Photo: Flickr user Stiller Beobachter]

When the L.A. Dodgers recently wanted a better way to analyze players' health and performance, they turned to Kinduct's Athlete Management System, which gathers information from various sources—Fitbits, RFID chips, electronic medical records—and packages it all in an easy-to-navigate app. Users can click through charts that find patterns in individuals or teams. "[Sports organizations] had all this data, but it wasn't connected," says Kinduct CEO Travis McDonough. "Now we have this layer of predictive analytics that can tell an athlete, 'Hey, you’re trending toward an injury.'" Kinduct is also offering the app to personal fitness trainers and corporate wellness providers, and it's experimenting with ways hospitals might use it to help patients.

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