Volvo’s Prototype Car Interior Reimagines The Driving Experience

What will it actually be like to travel in self-driving cars? Volvo’s Concept 26 offers a bold take on the future of commuting.

Volvo’s Prototype Car Interior Reimagines The Driving Experience

With Concept 26, Volvo has created a prototype of a car interior that tackles issues raised by the prospect of full automotive autonomy. “It is answering very human questions that were neglected in the tech-focused conversations around autonomous vehicles,” says Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, GM of Volvo’s Los Angeles–based innovation lab. “It puts people at the center of the experience.” When the car is driving itself, there are two passenger modes: relaxing (the seat reclines) and working (a retractable table slides into place). In either mode, the steering wheel recedes and the passenger-side dashboard flips to reveal a screen with a list of options—from sending emails to watching Netflix—that are curated based on how long the drive will take. Trip too short for that entire Game of Thrones episode? The car can choose a route based on what you’d like to get done; you’ll arrive at the end of the show.

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