• 08.22.16

The Midcentury Glamour Of The Jersey Shore (Yes, The Jersey Shore)

Photographer Tyler Haughey explores historic postwar resort architecture along the southern New Jersey coastline.

During the hot summer months, the Wildwoods–three shore towns clustered on a barrier island along the southern New Jersey coast–are vibrant and busy, a beachy destination for family vacations and low-key getaways alike. But when the fall rolls around and the tourists begin to disappear, the iconic midcentury motels that housed them begin a long, nine-month vacancy.


To Jersey Shore native Tyler Haughey, these motels, of which there are nearly 150, represent a piece of home–and they also happen to be the largest concentration of postwar resort architecture in the country. His photography series Ebb Tide captures the particular character of many of these motels and their attempt to transport you to exotic locales–Aruba, the Caribbean, the Sahara, Greece–through the kitschy, nostalgic power of their architecture.

[Photos: Tyler Haughey]

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