Nike’s Self-Tying Shoe Is Much More Than A Gimmick

The innovative custom-fit sneaker is designed to increase performance and stimulate multiple senses at once.

Nike’s Self-Tying Shoe Is Much More Than A Gimmick

Technology that lets you avoid lacing your footwear has existed for decades: It’s called Velcro. But Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers, due to go on sale later this year, offer a much more sophisticated solution. The shoes are outfitted with tiny sensors that detect when wearers slide in their feet, activating a small motor-and-pulley system that automatically draws the laces to a certain degree of tightness based on the size and position of the foot. Buttons next to the tongue allow for easy adjustments depending on user preference and type of activity. But the HyperAdapt is not just about performance and convenience. The shoe is intended to be as engaging as it is technologically impressive. “You can feel it tighten, hear the motor run, and see the laces [move],” says Nike senior innovation engineer Tiffany Beers. “It’s a shoe that ignites three senses.”

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