• 08.31.16

Hillary’s Campaign Named Its UI “Pantsuit,” Perfectly

Even the deepest layers of Hillary Clinton’s website are branded like a boss.

Hillary’s Campaign Named Its UI “Pantsuit,” Perfectly
[Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images]

With Hillary sporting a commanding lead going into November, the Democrats may have bested the Republicans online for the third campaign in a row. And an untold amount of credit goes to people like Mina Markham, a self-ascribed “Senior Software Engineer & Pantsuit Seamstress at Hillary for America.”


So just what is Pantsuit? It’s what the Hillary campaign named the UI behind her website, as Markham revealed in a Medium post today:

Pantsuit is Hillary for America’s internal design system. Its primary goal is to serves as a single source of truth for the design and front-end teams. My job is to make sure the system is modular and flexible enough to be used in any number of unpredictable ways.

The entire piece is worth reading, another example of the campaign’s masterful treatment of design. You’ll see how organized the backend is, allowing one message–like a donation ask–to be formatted across a variety of templates. You’ll learn how the campaign adjusted the site design to accommodate people with vision impairment. And you’ll catch at least one sweet takedown of Trump.

But best of all, you get to witness an early victory lap from Hillary’s digital team–the tailors behind what’s about to become the most powerful pantsuit in the world.

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