Donald Trump Should Totally Build His Wall With These Ingenious Bricks

Donald Trump should absolutely not build a wall. But if he did build a wall, we think we’ve found the bricks.

Developed by Mexico construction materials company Armed Omega, Block Armo are special cement bricks that, rather than being carefully stacked with mortar, are instead assembled like puzzle pieces, then filled with cement and steel rods, to build durable walls 50% faster than conventional methods by laborers without construction experience, the company claims.

Proper masonry techniques can require years of study. Even learning basic bricklaying requires over a week of applied coursework. Block Armo is being proposed as a solution to Mexico’s dearth of decent, affordable housing, affecting as many as 35 million people in the country.

As spotted by Platforma Arquitectura, the bricks come in six different shapes that slide into one another like a big 3D jigsaw puzzle. These bricks fit together snugly, but they also carve out room for hollow, tubular chambers inside. These chambers allow a steel rod to be inserted into the assembly every 80 centimeters, which is then encased in concrete dumped straight into the tube. Block Armo basically combines brick laying with the strength of reinforced poured concrete, which is similar to the way one builds with cinderblocks–but the puzzle piece approach makes it all mindless.

And in that sense, it may be the perfect building material for Trump.

[All Images: Armo Systems via Conacyt]