Squeezable Measuring Spoons Make Baking A Cinch

Just don’t let anyone tell you that you should really be measuring by weight.

In a lifelong quest for the perfect set of measuring spoons, I’ve been wooed by multi-headed spoons shaped like shurikens, spoons with built-in sliders that could resize their scoop measurement, magnetic spoons that stick together for easy storage, and even the classic metal variety when doing things the old way seemed good enough for a home cook who shouldn’t try too hard.


Then, a new contender entered my news feed thanks to Core77: The Levoons measuring spoons, which fan out and scoop the same way any other set does, but with a twist: Squeeze the handle, and the spoons autowipe excess flour or sugar off the top.

The design, which seems to be inspired by the same mechanics as a safety pin, has that perfect, head-slapping obviousness that makes it irresistible as far as gimmicky kitchen tools go. Early reviews actually look mixed, but you can get a set for all of $15 in a grab bag of seven different colors on Amazon.

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