Passive-Aggressively Protest Your Open Office With These Portable Room Dividers

All workers want is some peace and quiet. Whether you’ve made that corner table in the coffee shop into your desk or you work for a company that ascribes to the (deeply maligned) open office plan, carving out space for yourself to put your head down and pump up the productivity is a must.

One way to turn an open space into your own space? The office divider company Zilenzio’s “Focus” divider, conceived by Note Design, is a flexible textile wall that stands up on its own, but can be rolled up and put in a backpack for instant portability. It’s like a yoga mat for your brain. Focus comes in two sizes: The larger size is meant to stand on the floor and instantly create a private cubicle; the smaller size can be placed on a table to cordon off one’s own workspace.

Yes, whipping out a Focus divider because your company refuses to provide private working spaces is passive-aggressive. But who knows? Maybe it’ll subtly encourage your company to put up some walls. Until then, Focus might just be your new best friend at work.

[All Photos: courtesy Zilenzio]