The World’s Most Beautiful Hot Dog Cart, Courtesy Of The Guggenheim

Food trucks have had their resurgence, as countless rusty old vans shoveling cold, prepacked sandwiches out the side have been reimagined as trendily painted, haute meals on wheels. But what about your corner hot dog or kebab vendor? They’re still hawking steamed meats out of stainless steel grease traps.

That’s why Bistro Guggenheim–the Guggenheim Bilbao ‘s restaurant–commissioned the Salchibotxo.

Designed by Arquimaña, and featured recently on Designboom, Salchibotxo is an elevated food cart designed for the cooking and preparation of craft sausages. The cart’s taper-topped design is an alternative to the normal functional box. But it’s uncommonly beautiful because of its materials. The use of oak is a surprise because it’s a wood we see generally reserved for interior carpentry, like furniture and kitchen cabinetry. The laser-cut aluminum shade has been treated with a white finish, almost evoking the domesticity of a white picket fence–or at least something semi-precious that’s not regularly covered in dirt, grease, and cab smog.

I can’t imagine the Salchibotxo surviving a sidewalk in the NYC winter, with salt and slush slamming against its finish. But for the mild climate of Bilbao, where the average temperature is a pleasant 69 degrees? It’s what they in the gourmet sausage industry call a “top dog*.”

*Ed note: no one in the gourmet sausage industry actually says this.

[All Photos: via Arquimaña]