The Perfect Sun-Matching Lightbulb Only Costs $9

It is, perhaps, the greatest of all first-world problems. Do you buy tungsten bulbs that make your home look bathed in candlelight, but too yellow during the day? Or do you buy daylight bulbs that reproduce colors in a cool blue, but feel cold and off at night (maybe even keeping you awake in the process)? Anyone who’s upgraded their home to pricier LED bulbs has faced this dilemma.

But now, Philips has solved it. Its new Scene Switch LED bulbs, spotted by Gizmodo, switch between three colors–daylight, soft white light, and warm glow. And rather than using a smartphone app or a complicated internet of things controller, all you need to change the color is your existing light switch. You flip it on and off quickly to cycle through your options. Once you find one you like, you wait six seconds, and it locks in until you decide to change it.

Philips announced a two-color version of this product last year that seemed to be available in limited markets, but the three-color update is expected to arrive at Home Depot in September for $9. That’s still two to three times the going rate of simpler, mono-color LED bulbs, and the Scene Switch still falls short of our ultimate dream of a cheap LED bulb that simply matches the actual color of daylight all day long, automatically.

But to never commit to warm or cold light again? That’s gotta be worth at least, like–well what’s it worth to you to never be forced to Instagram your dinner in yellow light and spend your meal contemplating if that Hudson filter saved the picture or not? Whatever that amounts to.MW