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This Is Google Sucking The Soul From Your iPhone


This Is Google Sucking The Soul From Your iPhone

A lot of iPhone loyalists have considered making that leap to an Android phone. And the ones that don’t explode are really quite nice! But even though Google and Samsung both make software to ease your transition, helping to transfer photos and contacts, some require a PC, others the cloud, and so on. There hasn’t been an “a-ha” moment of stupid-easy UX aimed at the swing smartphone user.

Now Google is packaging a lightning-to-micro USB adapter into each of its new Pixel phones–more on those phones here–so all you have to do is plug your iPhone into your Pixel, load the app, and transfer those 348,897 images of your kid at the playground onto your brand-new Pixel.

These micro USB adapters have been around for ages. This same functionality was possible before. However, as Samsung advises on its site, the adapters “are widely available online [for you to find and buy on your own].” They even go so far as to offer customers the sassy, passive aggressive suggestion, “Please ensure you buy a high quality cable from a reputable supplier.”

Google, on the other hand, is setting its sights on all of those people who are tired of shattering their phones. The company is paying a few extra cents on every phone it sells, and bundling the adapters standard.

It’s a small point, yes. But with one bundled adapter, Google has turned a deal-breaker, or even a minor inconvenience, into a feature. Now we’ll see if Google markets the idea well enough to make a real dent in Apple’s loyal user base–and if those of us talking a big game about switching over actually have the guts to do it.

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