Instagram’s New Offices Are Ready For Their Close-Up

In May, Instagram shocked the internet when it unveiled a sleek, rainbow-gradient upgrade to its Polaroid icon. Now that new aesthetic feels like old hat, and the company is incorporating it offline into the decor of its new office in Menlo Park, California.

Last week, the company moved offices from one floor of a building on Facebook’s original campus (not the new, Frank Gehry-designed one) to a three-story building of its own. Working with the San Francisco-based architecture firm Gensler, Instagram designed the space to feel like a 3D version of the app. “Offline, that translated into different textures, bright colors, and lighting,” says Instagram’s head of design Ian Spalter. They swapped out the dark wood and denim of their previous office for clean lines, neutral tones, and vibrant splashes of color.

Then there are the more literal manifestations of the digital app: In the lobby, an interactive gallery of Instagram videos and photographs lines the walls, updating in real time. On the first floor, a dedicated “Creation Space” hosts expertly lit sets–with three backgrounds that range from day to night– giving visitors a ready-made Instagram opportunity. Elsewhere in the office, the bright gradient backdrop gives way to sunny, white open areas full of communal spaces and modernist furniture. More conducive to working, perhaps, though no less photogenic.

For more images and design details, check out the slideshow above.

[All Photos (unless otherwise noted): Christophe Wu]

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