There’s A Candle That Smells Like A New Mac, And It’s Already Sold Out

Hankering for the smell of a newly opened Macbook? There’s a candle for that.

The Mac accessories company Twelve South normally sells things like docking stations and cases. But its latest product isn’t designed to go with an Apple gadget–it’s designed to smell like one.


It’s a soy wax candle–“Hand Poured in Charleston, SC!”–that is supposed to capture the expensive aluminum and plastic scent that wafts out of Apple’s crisp white boxes the first time they’re opened. That’s right, it smells like electronics. Who hasn’t wanted to relax in the bathtub with the smell of a new Mac?

Twelve South says its “New Mac” candle has notes of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage–a delightful sounding combination that doesn’t evoke the metal, plastic, and circuit board essence of a computer. But most of us rarely have the opportunity to open a new Mac though, so what do we know?

The experts over at Mac hosting company Macstadium, who open “a whole lot” of new Macs every month, have weighed in. “When we are looking for employee growth, we’ll often joke that one of the perks of the job is that you get to smell the ‘new Mac smell’ on a daily basis,” writes Brain Stucki, a VP at Macstadium, for his “super sniffer test” of the candle. “It’s a great smell.”

Stucki gives the candle’s smell an accuracy score of 9 out of 10, even if it’s a tad too citrusy. Still, Twelve South isn’t the first company to try to capture the scent of gadgets: Comme des Garcons’ Odeur 71 anti-perfume supposedly captures the essence of freshly-welded aluminum, warm photocopier toner, and hot metal–a concoction that seems more likely to get you high than anything else.

As ridiculous as it might sound, Twelve South might be onto something, since the candle’s already out of stock (sign up here for a notification when it has more). For those Mac-smell junkies who worship at the altar of Apple, a quick fix of their favorite smell will now only cost $24–a great deal for an expensive high.

[All Photos: via Twelve South]


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