The Perfect Graphic Illustration Of Trump’s Total Meltdown

For so long, Trump seemed untouchable. The more absurd his statements, the greater his traction. That was until in July, after his rhetoric pushed things too far. He was slighted an endorsement by Ted Cruz at his own GOP nomination, his wife was busted for plagiarizing, of all people, Michelle Obama, and he was caught suggesting that Hillary Clinton could be shot by second Amendment supporters.

Support for Trump tanked into early August, as the New York Times gave hima less than 15% chance to win the presidency. That’s when Time hired Edel Rodriguez–former international art director for the magazine–to create one of the most iconic pieces of the 2016 election: A dripping Trump visage simply titled Meltdown.

[Illustration: Edel Rodriguez via Time Magazine]

Trump’s polling actually surged before the first debate with Hillary Clinton, but it has since tanked again as he’s sent late night tweets about a former Miss Universe, raged about Rosie O’Donnell, and bragged about sexually assaulting women (some of whom have since come forward).

And now, for the October 24 issue, Time has topped its original cover, hiring Rodriquez yet again to create a follow-up to his August piece.

For the new cover, spotted by AdAge, Trump’s face is a puddle on the ground. It reads “Total Meltdown.” And it’s hard to imagine articulating this dark, strange place and time any better than that.