The Lacoste Crocodile–A Prep Icon–Gets A PoMo Update

The Lacoste Crocodile–A Prep Icon–Gets A PoMo Update

Lacoste’s crocodile logo made its debut in 1926, embroidered on the blazer of founder and tennis pro René Lacoste as a nod to his nickname on the court. Lacoste asked his friend Robert George to sketch it out; nearly a century later, the icon has barely changed at all from the original design.

[Photos: via Lacoste]

Now, the French fashion company has turned the logo over to legendary fashion photographer Jean-Paul Goude for a radical, and very temporary, redesign. It’s a marketing gimmick–a celebration of a new capsule collection out next month–but it’s also pretty fantastic. Goude, best known for his legendary album artwork for the musician Grace Jones, gives the symbol of prep a very postmodern spin.

The Croc has gone Goude. An homage, perhaps?

Goude’s Lacoste logo compared against his 1981 painted photo of Jones, Libertango. [Photo: © Jean-Paul Goude via Paper magazine]

Goude is also commonly associated with Kim Kardashian. He’s the one behind the 2014 cover for Paper magazine that broke the internet.

Goude’s 2014 Paper magazine #breaktheinternet cover. [Image: via Paper magazine]

Goude’s latest muse is a touch more traditional, a little more portly. But Goude managed to wrestle him into an eccentric pose.

Et voilà, Le Croc:

The collection and the Goude logo launched at a party at Paris fashion week last month, complete with animatronic crocodile models. Here’s what classic looks like to a 75-year-old fashion photographer known for his provocative imagery.