The Favorite Office Chairs Of 28 Creative Companies, From Etsy To Microsoft

Because everything is awful today, let’s just look at photos of pretty chairs.

Twenty years ago, a “nice” office chair was a moderately priced, if objectively hideous, task chair that didn’t crush your lumbar spine. Today, as companies eschew cubicles for workplaces that feel more like living rooms, you’ll find classic Eames lounge chairs, hot pink Fabio Novembre Nemo chairs, and everything in between. Chairs have become showpieces, embodying both new workplace ideals and how a company wants to be perceived. You are what you sit on.

At the 2016 Fast Company Innovation Festival, we got to peek inside the offices of more than two dozen creative companies and organizations in New York City, from Etsy and Squarespace to Microsoft and The Onion. Click through the slideshow to see each company’s favorite chair.

Fabio Novembre’s Nemo chair in hot pink at Pepsi’s design and innovation center in New York[Photo: Leonid Urossov for Fast Company]