Jony Ive Designs A Christmas Tree, No Ornaments Allowed

Sir Jony Ive has taken some time off envisioning the future of Apple to venture through the forest–inside the London hotel Claridge’s. Ive and his colleague, industrial designer Marc Newson, have created this year’s Christmas tree installation at the famed London hotel, bringing a faux snow-covered forest to its lobby and installing unornamented trees along its grand staircase.

The pair teamed up with the British set designer Michael Howells to create a natural, serene atmosphere. Along with a baby pine tree that sparkles under a spotlight in the corner, the installation features light boxes with glowing photographs of a snowy wonderland along with cast models of Scots pine and a canopy of real pine branches. A soundscape of bird calls echoes the lighting, which cycles from dawn until twilight. The tree itself is just as minimalist as you might expect–there are no ornaments, angels, or strands of lights to be seen.

For the past seven years, the hotel has invited famous designers and brands to remake the Christmas tree in their image. In 2015, Burberry’s Christopher Bailey created a tree made from silver and gold fabric umbrellas and motion-sensor lights. In 2014 and 2013, Dolce and Gabbana designed more traditional trees laden with ornaments. But this is the first year designers outside the fashion world have been asked to participate.

Perhaps the last element of a true Jony Ive Christmas would be to find Apple’s $300 monograph under the tree.

[All Images: via Claridge’s]KS