A Love Letter To The Humble Fruit Sticker

They’re “hidden masterpieces of design in everyday life,” writes Kelly Angood.

Before you eat an apple, chances are you’ll have to peel off a sneaky little produce sticker that manages to leave bits of adhesive on your fruit. But have you ever taken a closer look at these little pieces of produce ephemera?


According to Kelly Angood, a designer and founder of a DIY pinhole camera company in London, you should. Angood has been collecting fruit stickers for as long as she can remember, slapping them on the backs of notebooks or even her laptop. She began to photograph them against a white background to bring their unique charms into focus and post them to Instagram. Over the last 18 months, she’s accumulated more than 16,000 followers.

But to encourage people to engage with and collect the little marvels of graphic design rather than tossing them, Angood launched a 2017 calendar, recently featured on It’s Nice That, that has spots for 365 stickers–one for each day of the year–on Kickstarter. Each day is represented by the classic oval shape, with weekdays represented by dotted lines and weekends indicated by solid lines to maintain some of a typical calendar’s functionality.

Though most are ovular, she’s found others that are shaped like hearts, leaves, and even flags–there are an estimated 65,000 different designs. “It’s the amazing variety that keeps me on the look out. Once you’ve got the bug you can’t stop,” she says. “I even look out for fruit stickers when I’m on vacation.”

Angood’s favorites are the leaf-shaped stickers, which she’s found mostly affixed to oranges when on holiday in Spain. “I love how despite coming from different growers they all seem to have a similar graphic and be printed in virtually the same green,” she says. “I’m yet to discover if there is just one designer who has cornered the Spanish orange sticker market, or if there is some kind of fruit sticker template they are working from!”

Even if you’re not a sucker for the designs on these little stickers, Angood’s calendar might help up your fruit servings, making you a little bit healthier, in 2017.


About the author

Katharine Schwab is an associate editor at Co.Design based in New York who covers technology, design, and culture.