Up Your Camping Game With This Kitchen In A Box

A camp stove, table, utensils, and a light stand all nest into a compact cube.

Unless you’re Bear Grylls, going camping involves plentiful tools and sundries: a stove to make food, utensils for cooking, a surface for prepping ingredients, and light so you can see what you’re doing. Piecemeal, that adds up to a lot of stuff, and poses a clutter problem for the other 360 or so days when you’re not in the great outdoors. But the camping company iKamper has a clever conceptual solution–pack all those things into a single box.


The ITout is a portable kit that contains the tools you need to set up a camp kitchen. The underside of the box’s lid is actually a two-burner butane stove and fold-out table. There’s also a metal stand that pops up to hang a utensil organizer. Users can also attach a light stand. Voila–instant campsite in a box. (It could work just as well on the beach, in a park, or while tailgating.) The box weighs about 20 pounds and measures about 15 inches on each side. Two wheels and a carrying handle let you tow it like a piece of luggage.

Alas, the ITout isn’t available for purchase yet–and the expected price is $235 to $300 depending on how long of a fold-out table you choose–but you can sign up for the company’s mailing list on to receive a notification when it is.

[Photos: via iKamper]

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