• 11.29.16

Welcome To The City Of Trump

Experts in urban planning, privacy, and social reform imagine seven possible future cities under President Trump.

Welcome To The City Of Trump
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Some may cast blame on blue-city urbanites for overlooking the needs of Americans in rural flyover states during this election, but the fact of the matter is that America is urban. Over 60% of the U.S. population currently resides in cities–a figure likely to only grow. And if most Americans live in urban areas, we must enter the Trump era considering his policies not only through the lens of the federal government, but through the lens of cities themselves.


“We have a precarious global population, precarious environmental conditions, and precarious geopolitical future under Trump,” says Christoph Lindner, dean of the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts. “All of which means cities will be on the key battlegrounds to negotiating and possibly surviving the Trump urban future.”

Taking all of these considerations into account, Co.Design asked experts in urban planning, city surveillance, and social reform to paint a portrait of the future of American cities. Their thoughts ranged from optimistic to confounding to horrific, and we amassed them into seven possible scenarios of what our future cities might look like under President Trump.

Chapter 1. The Privatized City Where Everything Is Tolled

Chapter 2. The Sanctuary City That Fights The Federal Government

Chapter 3. The Surveillance City That’s Always Watching You

Chapter 4. The Super Affluent City That’s Surrounded By Poverty


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