A High-Fashion Store Where The Decor Outshines The Clothes

The signature color of the new Manhattan flagship of the Swedish clothing brand Acne Studios? Gold–an instant visual hallmark of New York glitz.

But this isn’t garish, overcompensating Trump gold. In the hands of British designer Max Lamb, whom Acne tapped to develop the store’s interior, gold becomes an unfussy monument to the brand’s minimal aesthetic. “For me, it was important to elevate the store design into something spectacular since the location demands it in a way. And, therefore, I went for gold,” says Jonny Johansson, the creative director of the company, in a statement. “Classic, but still in the universe of Acne Studios, it’s like a local store on a global stage.”

Each location of the 20-year-old brand has an architect, designer, or artist interpret the company’s aesthetic in a local context. Sophie Hicks’s design for the Acne flagship in Seoul, Korea, brought East and West together in a restrained concrete building, void of decorative elements both inside and out.
Bozarthfornell Architects used amber-colored glass sheets and aluminum partitions to divide up a former metal shop in Paris. For the now open New York flagship, Lamb used gold accents and gilding in a furniture collection to complement Acne Studios’s simple, luxurious fashion. The clothes almost become the backdrop.

The store is also a study in contrast. Sculptural furniture pieces made from bronze and manmade marble stand alongside gem-encrusted stone pillars and electrostatically gilded aluminum partitions. Custom hand-dyed wool rugs add a softer touch to the space. This is gold done right: Lamb highlights its aspirational value instead of making it a symbol of tasteless opulence.

[Photos: courtesy Acne Studios]