Devastating Images Of Climate Change, From California To India

For the willfully obtuse, facts you don’t want to believe simply don’t exist. That’s certainly true for climate change deniers, who counter scientific consensus that climate change is real and the fact that the top 15 hottest years since 1880 have all happened since 2001 with crackpot theories about how, in reality, Earth is headed towards a mini-Ice Age.

It’s the hubris of the type of person who never wants to change their ways, masked in the false modesty of one pretending that mankind is too small and puny to ever threaten Mother Nature. The truth, though, is that climate change is having a devastating effect on the world around us–one which is visible almost everywhere you look.

[Photo: Vladimir Melnik]

The ravages of climate change on the natural world form the subject of National Geographic’s latest poignant, melancholy photo series, collected by photographers all over the world as part of an open call this fall on Your Shot, the magazine’s online photo community. The images show the effects climate change is having on the planet through the first-person perspective of a photographer’s lens: A hollowed-out iceberg, wildfires threatening San Francisco, inhabited islands sinking in the Ganges, bone dry fish farms in Israel, and polar bear corpses inharmoniously decomposing in green, sunny fields.

Will they change the minds of climate change deniers? Probably not. But the effects of climate change are everywhere, and observable by anyone, as National Geographic‘s photos well illustrate. You only have to care to actually look.JB