6 Gifts For Serious Travelers

Because if you can’t give the gift of travel this Christmas, at least you can give the gift of traveling well.

6 Gifts For Serious Travelers

Americans make over 405 million business trips per year–and that number is steadily increasing. But traveling, especially by air, hasn’t gotten much easier, between cramped seats and endless security lines. Here are five gifts that cut down on some of the more annoying aspects of frequent travel–and one wildly expensive folly for non-business adventures.


GrandRevølution Washingtons
An Oxford that fits like a Nike sneaker? That’s what Cole Haan have achieved with the GrandRevølution Washingtons, transforming the notoriously inflexible wingtip into a comfortable performance shoe, all without compromising its handsome looks. In fact, if anything, Cole Haan’s GrandRevølution Washingtons look better than your usual pair of Oxfords. $400 will buy you a pair.

Louis Vuitton New Luggage
When you’re Marc Newson, designer of special projects at Apple and legendary industrial designer in his own right, you know what you want in a stylish roller suitcase. So he teamed up with luggage legend Louis Vuitton to create his own stylish, colorful carry-on. It follows an Apple-like formula: the New Luggage Collection is 50% thinner and substantially lighter than Louis Vuitton’s previous rollerbags, but can pack 13% more luggage. Want one? Expect to pay: prices range from $2,660 for the carry-on to $5,900 for the most luxurious stowaway. Buy one here.

Smart Coat
How thick does a coat need to be to keep you toasty in winter? If you buy the Smart Coat, not very. Emel+Aris’s beautifully cut cashmere coats combine a slim outer jacket with a detachable vest that heats. At a price starting at around $1,200, they aren’t cheap, but buy a Smart Coat, and you’ll do more than save yourself from bringing more than one coat on your next business trip. You’ll solve your heat regulation issues for good.

Away Bag
The biggest problem at an airport is wheeling your carry-on from one gate to the next. The second biggest problem? Keeping your gadgets charged while you do so. The brainchild of two Warby Parker alums, the Away bag minimizes the pain points both ways. A charger and USB battery integrated into the suitcase make it easy to keep juiced, while a number of considerate features like a built-in compression divider and laundry bag make this a truly convenient bag for the road warrior. Buy one starting at $225 here.

Water-Repellant Umbrella
Carrying a dry umbrella isn’t much of a pain point, but a wet one? That’s where things get annoying. So while Osaka-based designer Kazuyo Koike’s umbrella might not be the smallest or most collapsible one on the market, it’s probably the one you want, thanks to a moisture-resistant outer shell that makes it simplicity itself to shake off rain. A design so good, the MoMA sells it, you can buy one for $48.

Airstream Basecamp
Got someone in your life who wants to hit the open road? The Airstream Basecamp is for today’s Sal Paradise: a teardrop of silver you can tow behind a small SUV with the perfect combination of Nuclear Age style and 21st-century technology. The perfect update to the classic trailer, the Airstream Basecamp is expensive at $35,000, but hey–imagine how great it’ll look under the Christmas tree. Find one to buy here.