A Kit For Urban Nomads Makes Any Place Feel Like Home

For many people, it’s common to move from place to place. Between apartments or houses or jobs, we gain and shed belongings based on what a space can accommodate. To Gerardo Osio, a designer from Mexico, this nomadic way of living comes a price. “This kind of lifestyle creates a tendency of losing a sense of belonging to a place,” he writes on his website.

Minimalists preach the virtue of not being attached to material things, but familiarity can be comforting. And in unfamiliar situations–like being in a new city–it’s a nice feeling to have. Osio designed a handful of small objects that lets users instill an immediate sense of home, no matter where they are. Cleverly, each product appeals to a different senses–like touch, smell, or sight–and becomes better with age.

Fabricated by Japanese craftsmen and made from unfinished natural materials, the Nomadic Life kit comes in a wood box with leather straps that will soften and darken over time; the copper tableware set will patina. Osio designed a stone candle and incense holder to offer warm light and a familiar smell, scent being one of the most powerful memory triggers. A stone flower vase offers owners a way to decorate and a straw mat and cushion provides a place to sit or sleep.

“These objects can tell a story as time goes by, creating a sense of belonging when they are used,” Osio writes.

[Photos: via Gerardo Osio]