Test Your Spatial Awareness With This Simple Puzzle Game

Neat freaks rejoice. A new game tests your spatial awareness by letting you declutter a room.

Empty presents the player with a brightly colored, three-dimensional room filled with minimalist objects. Your goal is to make all the objects disappear by rotating the room until the object aligns with a wall of the same color. Once an object becomes invisible against the same-color backdrop, both vanish.

It’s a simple enough idea from the Ukrainian developer team Dustyroom, which created the game in 72 hours for a game competition with a theme of “one room.” But as the levels progress and the room becomes bigger with more furniture, finding the right sequence to empty the room gets increasingly complex. There’s no timer and no score, making the game more like a series of ever more complicated puzzles to solve.

With a calming soundtrack and a satisfying whirl of the animation once you’ve completed a level, Empty is like spring cleaning for your mind.

Download it for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android here.KS