Everything Is Awful So Let’s All Escape To This Treehouse For Grown-Ups

The architecture firm Snøhetta has built a cabin in the woods of Northern Sweden. The coolest part? It’s built into the trees themselves, acting like a treehouse for grownups–and a getaway from the world.

The two-bedroom cabin is part of the renowned Treehotel, where guests can rent one of seven treehouses, each designed by a different architect. One resembles a UFO; another is a mirrored cube hovering above the forest floor. Called 7th Room, Snøhetta’s addition brings the firm’s contemporary Scandinavian design aesthetic to the forest. As you approach, the wooden bottom of the elevated structure, which is covered with a black-and-white print of trees, becomes another facade.

The cabin’s interiors were designed to bring the outdoors in. A floor-to-ceiling window takes up the northern wall of the lounge space, giving visitors an ideal perch from which to see the Aurora Borealis. A large net acts like a porch between the two bedrooms, providing a built-in hammock for sleeping outdoors in the summer. The beds are built into the floor to maximize the effect of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Skylights in the ceiling make the stars visible.

For the Scandinavia-obsessed, it doesn’t get much better than this. That is, if you can spare the nightly rate, which ranges from $1,347 to $1,683.

[Photo: Johan Jansson via Snøhetta]KS