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Relive The Glory Of The Women’s March With These Awesome Illustrations

Inspired by the historic demonstration, female illustrators unite.

Relive The Glory Of The Women’s March With These Awesome Illustrations

The presidency of Donald Trump has inspired an explosion of protest art–“Nasty Women” exhibitions, comics, and the countless creative signs at the Women’s March on Washington this past weekend.

In coordination with the march January 21, an organization of female illustrators called Women Who Draw created a collective artwork comprised of more than 600 illustrations. Using the hashtag #wwdtogether_womensmarch, female illustrators could post a protest work even if they couldn’t attend the march themselves, amounting to a digitally coordinated political statement.

Many of the illustrations depict a racially diverse group of women; others riffed on the “nasty women” theme that populated many signs and the pink woven “pussy hats” that many wore. One more meta illustration shows how the signs themselves were so overpowering they overwhelmed the Capitol. The drawings depict a swirling mix of anger and hope, disgust and love–conflicting emotions that were well-represented on Saturday as well.

Women Who Draw is an open directory of female illustrators who take freelance work, posted in an easily navigable way with the aim of increasing the visibility of female illustrators, in particular women of color and LBGTQ+. Every month the organization chooses a different theme, and any illustrator can tag their works on Instagram with the appropriate hashtag.

At the rate this administration is going, there’s going to be a lot to draw about.

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