Count Down Until Trump Leaves Office With This Brilliant Tear-Off Calendar

“Grab it by the pages.”

Time flies when you’re having fun. But when a dangerous demagogue is ruling the country and enacting all of his insane campaign promises, time can move incredibly, painfully slow. Case in point: Trump has 1,455 more days in office, according to the brilliant Out-of-Office Calendar by the guys behind Good Fucking Design Advice.


The tear-off calendar, designed by Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher counts down to January 20, 2021, the day that (hopefully!) a new president will be sworn into office. Each page contains the current date and the number of days remaining until the next presidential inauguration, along with key voting and voter registration deadlines, days until the midterm or primary election, and days remaining in the current year. The sheets in black signals that those important voting deadlines have come, or it’s a federal holiday. The white tear sheets are all the other days, some of which feature a “smattering of humorous anecdotes that will be even more hilarious when combined with all the alcohol you’ll be drinking to quickly pass the next four years,” according to the calendar’s Kickstarter page.

The OOO calendar starts at $50 (the price goes down the more copies you buy) with an estimated delivery of March 2017. Order the 1,461-page calendar here, and hope to god you won’t have to go through them all.

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