16 Of The Coolest Creative Offices In Paris

Photographer Marc Goodwin has traveled the world documenting creative offices, from Beijing to London and Scandinavia. It’s a bit ironic, since he’s office averse. “I’ve always been kind of office-phobic,” he says. “It’s one of the reasons I chose to go into photography.”

Goodwin’s latest series took him to Paris, where he captures the work of architecture firms both established and emerging, from the Renzo Piano Building Workshop to Martinez Barat Lafore, a small firm that creates experimental interiors.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop

“I wanted to see what the differences of office culture and culture in the broader sense of the world might be,” Goodwin says of his series. The Parisian offices, he discovered, were less precious than the other spaces he encountered.

“They deviated from the restrained, minimalist, white-cube norm–many were a bit funky and eccentric,” he says. “Having now shot 80 offices, globally, this came as a pleasant surprise.”

Tanya Klyne

And while each company reflected its style and culture differently–Richez Associes displayed loads of taxidermy, Tanya Klyne has an electric drum kit in her space–what Goodwin liked most weren’t the idiosyncratic details. “My favorite office, in terms of where I would like to work, was not the most creative or remarkable looking,” he says. “It just felt like people were really happy there.”

Next up for Goodwin? Shooting in Rotterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Chicago, and L.A. In the meantime, spy the Parisian spaces in the slide show above.