Need Something To Smash? This Marble Sink Is Meant To Be Broken

You might be able to order a sink specially made for your bathroom–but what if you could customize it yourself using a chisel?

That’s what the new Pixel sink offers: a DIY chance at personal customization–using gorgeous Carrara marble. Designed by Paolo Ulian for the Italian studio Antoniolupi and spotted by Designboom, the lattice-like base of the sink is meant to resemble the pixels that make up a digital image. But the appearance of each small square protrusion of marble is up to the owner’s discretion. Take a chisel and with a small tap, you can remove the squares and design your own Tetris-like pattern on the base of the sink.

This isn’t the first DIY marble sink of its kind. Antoniolupi’s Introverso basin, also designed by Ulian, has similar qualities. Inspired by the process of chiseling a form out of stone, the sink’s initial shape consists of a piece of marble with a series of regularly spaced incisions that reveal an inner sculptural form. You can leave the sink as is, or you can take a hammer to the thin marble layers of the sink’s base to unveil the form within, creating a rough, unfinished look.

Of course, you’d better not mess up.KS