Pentagram Revamps Classic Kids’ Games For Grownups

You probably haven’t played Battleship or Rock-Paper-Scissors since your parents made your lunch. That may change now that the graphic design firm Pentagram has given each game a beautifully designed update that’s more for grownups than kids.

Dazzleship Battleship, designed by Angus Hyland, takes the 1967 plastic board game back to its roots in World War I, when it was originally played using notebooks to guess the opponent’s ships’ locations. Dazzleship Battleship‘s two brightly colored exercise books were inspired by dazzle camouflage, intricate geometric patterns that Allied forces painted on their ships to make them more difficult targets. The stripes and curves would confuse the crews of German U-boats when they were trying to estimate distance, speed, and direction of primarily British and American ships, acting like optical illusions.

The Pentagram-designed revamp’s exercise book covers, instruction booklet, and a woodcut box cover by Andrew Davidson are all reminiscent of dazzle camouflage. The game was released by Laurence King Publishing and is currently available for purchase online.

Hyland’s team also designed a new card game called Rock Paper Scissors Bomb based on the classic hand game for Laurence King Publishing–and it has a twist. The “bomb” card beats all other cards in the rapid-fire card game for two players.

The cards feature illustrations by the Danish illustrator Mads Berg, with chunky, futurist-style images of the hand positions from the original playground game. The game will be released in March 2017.

[Photos: via Pentagram]