Use This GIF Tool To Make Trump Twerk

Yesterday was President’s Day, a day to celebrate all United States presidents, past and present. For those of you less inclined to celebrate the latter, the folks behind the 3D publishing platform Kokowa have created a little GIF-making tool to cheer you up.

It’s called Presi-Dance Day, and the steps are very simple. First, choose a dance. The options range from modern varieties like twerking and Gannam style to ’50s favorites like the twist, a little throwback to a time before basic civil rights for minorities or women. Then pick a stage, which for Trump of course is all the world—but pick a smaller one. Perhaps on a sinking land mass known during pre-apocalyptic times as Manhattan, or outside the Kremlin flanked by shirtless Putin clones. Finally, add your own commentary and save.

Et voilà, a GIF that puts your president to werk. In a press release Kokowa, run by architect and designer Peter Zuspan of Bureau V and Jesse and Meredith Finkelstein of Print All Over Me, points to laughter as a tool of resistance. They used their proprietary 3D visualization technology to create the tool, which will also allow you to upload your creation to Giphy.

Check it out here and dance, dance your way to revolution.

[All Images: via Kokowa]MM