• 02.24.17

Every NBA Team Logo, Reimagined For Black History Month

Forget the Warriors–it’s the Golden Gate Panthers now.

In honor of Black History Month, the artist Hebru Brantley has devised new logos for NBA teams. Brantley, known for his artwork in Chance the Rapper’s music video “Angels,” partnered with Bleacher Report to rebrand and sometimes even rename each NBA team to nod to the respective city’s black history.


In his alternate basketball reality, the Charlotte Hornets are the Greensboro Hornets, their logo depicting three silhouettes sitting at the counter to commemorate the most famous sit-in of the Civil Rights Era. The Denver Nuggets’ new logo depicts a black cowboy emerging from snow-tip mountain peaks–a nod to the fact that after the Civil War, a third of all cowboys in the West were black, a history often whitewashed by Hollywood. And forget the Warriors–Brantley dubbed them the Golden State Panthers in honor of the Black Panthers, the black power group founded in the Bay Area in 1966, with a logo depicting a fearsome black cat in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Click through the slide show above for more of what the NBA’s logos might look like if each team’s brand were to actually represent those who play the game.

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