Apple Would Prefer You Use This Name For Its Spaceship Campus

For the past 11 years, Apple has been planning Apple Campus 2, its second main campus–a 2.8 million-square-foot spaceship in Cupertino. Correction, that’s unfair: It’s a 175-acre campus on which a 2.8 million-square-foot spaceship has landed, bringing with it 9,000 (Earth)-native trees and, with any luck, some sort of new gadget that’s even cooler and more essential than an iPhone.

But in a blog post today, Apple has quietly corrected the entire world that’s deemed the Foster+Partners collaboration a “spaceship.” It is to be called Apple Park. You know, like Apple Watch or Apple TV. In this bit of branding, Apple is saying, in essence, that this campus is yet another Apple product, an extension of Apple’s own limitless creativity in physical space. Also, don’t call it a fucking spaceship anymore.

Of course, Apple is fighting a losing battle on this one. Just as Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate has been dubbed “The Bean” and Frank Gehry’s LA Concert Hall has been called an “artichoke” of various sorts, the plebes will always name monuments in a nomenclature they can understand. Besides, Apple should be counting its blessings. “Spaceship” sounds futuristic, even a little dangerous. We could have just as easily named Apple Park something like “Humongous iPod Clickwheel” or “Sweet Lawn Dart Ring.” Actually, maybe it’s not too late . . .

[All Images: via Apple]MW