• 02.22.17

West Elm Pulls The “Absolute Worst” Sofa From Stores, Offers Refunds

West Elm has temporarily discontinued the Peggy couch after a damning article in The Awl.

West Elm Pulls The “Absolute Worst” Sofa From Stores, Offers Refunds
[Photos: via West Elm]

“Why does this one couch suck so much?” asked writer Anna Hezel at The Awl. Sixteen-hundred words later, we never get an answer as to why West Elm’s budget Peggy sofa, which was prone to lose buttons or outright collapse, seems to be built so much worse than West Elm’s other items. However, in documenting how it had been deemed a lemon by most of the furniture-loving internet (one commenter called it “the absolute WORST piece of #furniture I’ve ever purchased!!!”), Hezel did get a result:


West Elm has confirmed with Co.Design that it’s pulled the entire Peggy line from its stores and online. Furthermore, it has extended the option for full refunds on, or replacements for, any defective Peggy line furniture customers may have.

Here is the company’s statement below:

We were sorry to learn of our customers’ experience with the Peggy Collection and have decided to temporarily remove it from our U.S. and Canada assortment– online and in stores – until we can better understand and resolve any issues.

We stand behind the integrity of our products and take customer feedback seriously. Therefore, we are offering owners of defective Peggy sofas, sectionals and chairs, a full refund or replacement for orders placed in the U.S. and Canada after July 2014. Customers with Peggy Collection related issues should contact the special support number (888) 922-7870 or email

Now if only IKEA would do the same for this atrocity.

Diana Budds contributed to this reporting

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