This Gorgeous Gradient Watch Rethinks Our Perception Of Time

Hidden Time, a watch that tells time through a color gradient, debuted in 2016, and now it’s moving from concept to product courtesy of a Kickstarter campaign that launches today.

To tell time, the watch’s face has numerals etched into the glass and a rotating color gradient. When the gradient moves under the numerals–rendered in the Favorit typeface by the Swiss designers at Dinamo–they become legible thanks to the the color contrast.

“When designing the watch, I was thinking about how to naturally hide passing time,” designer Jiwoong Jung says in a release. “My research began with how hiding occurs in nature, which led me to one of the best known examples––the chameleon’s protective color. Their defense mechanism is a kind of optical illusion, but a simple and effective way to have two things together naturally when superimposed.”

The watch is unisex, comes in three different colors (rose gold, black, and white), and features a Swiss Ronda Caliber 515 Quartz movement. While the gradient looks like an LED display in photos, it’s really a UV-printed circular gradient that rotates as time passes. “A simple optical trick, but it is a new perception of time,” Jung says.

Find Hidden Time on Kickstarter for $128. Shipping is expected in September 2017.