This Tape Turns Anything Into A Lego Block

The universe of Lego just got a whole lot bigger. Nimuno Loops is a strong, flexible tape that gives kids (and designers) a much more expansive way to use their toy building blocks in play and in prototyping. Want to build on a curved surface? Check. How about around corners? Check. What about adding other elements to your Lego, like a toy dinosaur? Check again.

Nimuno Loops was created by industrial designers Anine Kirsten and Max Basler. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the two have been developing the tape for the last year. The tape is compatible with Lego, Mega Bloks, Kreo, and modules from other toy block makers. Its adhesive backing is reusable, and it can be cut into any size and shape. The duo’s Indiegogo campaign–originally for $8,000 to fund final development, production, and shipping–is now more than 11,000% funded.

Photo: Nimuno Loops

Of course, Lego has nothing to do with Nimuno Loops–and the campaign’s spokesperson was quick to remind me not to refer to the product as Lego tape, as they “don’t want Lego to get mad.” Instead, the tape is compatible with a number of toy block makers, including Lego. They aren’t the first designers to create products that expand a major corporation’s product line. Like Ikea hacking culture, Nimuno Loops builds on Lego’s universe with a bit of ingenious engineering–making a lot of people on Indiegogo very excited in the process. The campaign promises to deliver in July 2017, and its $2,000 distributor packs, which include 900 rolls, are entirely sold out.

You can find plenty of gadgets and “smart” devices on crowdfunding sites, but the tape is a reminder that these platforms can also fund incredibly simple, smart ideas.