Nendo Makes Solid Marble Look Like Air

Nothing brings heft and gravity to a room quite like marble—yet two new Nendo collections are using the material to play with our perception of balance and levity. With the graceful Ballerina tables and illusory Lean vases, solid marble never looked lighter.

[Photo: Akihiro Yoshida/courtesy Nendo]







Designed in collaboration with the Italian marble furniture company Marsotto Edizioni, the Ballerina side tables achieve their lift with a cut at the end of their legs, making it appear as if the table is on pointe. In the Lean collection, a Marsotto Edizioni product as well, a canonical vase balances on a point. While the vase appears to hold up a leaning slab of marble, it’s in fact an illusion; the base of the panel is covering more ground than the point of the cone, therefore offering the support.

Leave it to Nendo, masters of whimsy, to make marble appear light as air—but still expect a hefty shipping price.