Legos Are For Amateurs. These Building Blocks Let You Create Entire Cities

Step aside, Lego. There’s a new set of building blocks on the block.

Two types of kits for different levels of urban planners, from aspiring to actual, are now on Kickstarter. The latest modular building sets from the startup Arckit, they’re made for constructing epic cities from scratch.

Arckit launched in 2014, with building kits focused on single buildings, mostly houses. Now, the Cityscape and Masterplan kits give city planners a tool to lay out entire neighborhoods and even metropolises.

Arckit was founded by the Irish architect Damien Murtagh. After the recession hit in 2008, Murtagh decided that fabricating scale models to show to his clients was too expensive, especially because the model would often get tossed after the contract ended. He began to create small pieces that would snap together and could be used again and again to make models.

[Photo: Arckit]
With this new expansion, Arckit is one step closer to being a bona fide Lego for both architects and urban planners. While the colorful Cityscape kit is aimed more at kids as a STEM toy, the white-and-clear Masterplan kit is aimed at the pros. If its 350 pieces are not enough, the Masterplan Pro kit, in the same style as Masterplan, has more than 1,000 pieces and facade stickers so you can actually build a professional-level scale model of buildings, blocks, and cities.

Now, if only urban planning were this easy.

The Arckit Cityscape is going for $21 on Kickstarter, with the Masterplan for $130 and the Masterplan Pro for $481.