Move Over, Ikea: This Ultra-Portable Furniture Adapts To Any Apartment

The average person moves 11 times during his or her lifetime. Unfortunately, most furniture–which can be clunky and unwieldy–isn’t designed to handle so many moves. Plus, there’s no guarantee that your old stuff will fit into your new place. Lim + Lu, a young studio based in New York, and CL3, a design firm based in Hong Kong, have a solution: multi-functional design that can easily be picked up and schlepped from one apartment to the next.

Inspired by hand trucks and dollies, the boxy pieces created for the line are set on metal frames outfitted with durable wheels. When horizontal, the pieces have one use, and when vertical, they have another. For example, a sofa tilts up to become a coat rack and bench and a coffee table becomes a bookshelf.

[Photo: courtesy CL3]
“It is a design that is created out of the context of the mobility of today’s city,” CL3 founder William Lim said in a release. “We always like to approach our designs within context. In an urban context, flexibility and adaptability is more and more a way of life.”

Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning commissioned the pieces, which launched during NYCxDesign this year and will be installed at its Ithaca, New York, campus. While these designs aren’t slated to hit store shelves anytime soon, you can spy them in the slideshow above.DB